Welcome to Ortho Design
The 1st Orthotics - Prosthetics Clinic for Animals in Quebec

An orthosis is a technical aid among others, intended to stabilize and support a limb or a joint                            
       A prosthesis is a technical aid intended to replace in part or completely a limb

For a few years now, rehabilitation in veterinary medicine has shown veritable headway. This discipline brings many new therapeutic alternatives such as orthotics and prosthetics.


Ortho Design is an innovative new company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of orthotic and prosthetic devices for animals. In close collaboration with veterinarians, Ortho Design determines the specific needs relating to orthopedic apparatuses for animals with physical disabilities. The latter occurs when the musculoskeletal system or neurological system is affected after a trauma, a disease or by a congenital disorder.

Just like humans, animals may now benefit from orthotics and prosthetics, which contribute to improving and prolonging the quality of life of the animals suffering from temporary or permanent functional limitations.