Orthotic-prosthetic clinic specialized exclusively for animals

About Us


ORTHO DESIGN is an innovative company that specializes since 2008 in the design and manufacturing of orthotics, prosthetics and other adaptations for animals. Always in close collaboration with veterinarians, in a multidisciplinary team, ORTHO DESIGN determines the specific needs regarding orthotics and prosthetics or other technical aids for animals with physical deficiencies. These disabilities occur when the musculoskeletal or neurological system is affected by trauma, disease or congenital causes.

Like humans, animals can now also benefit from orthotics and prosthetics, thus helping to improve and prolong the quality of life of animals with temporary or permanent functional limitations.

Our mission

ORTHO DESIGN will do everything possible to find the best solution in order to design a custom-made device or adaptation that will respond as adequately as possible to your animal’s physical deficiency while respecting the specifications and recommendations of the animal owner and/or the veterinarian. Our work also consists of keeping our customers well informed about maintenance, installation, adaptation period, warranty, etc., while ensuring professional follow-up.

Your expert

With a bachelor’s degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal in biology-physiology and a diploma in orthotics and orthopedic prosthetics since 1996, Mr. Réjean Grou worked for ten years as an orthotist-prosthetist, team leader and specialist in clinical activities for a rehabilitation centre. He was also a college lecturer in the orthotics and orthopaedic prosthetics program, as well as a member of the committee for the orthotics-prosthetics sector of the Quebec government’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) before finally founding his own company, ORTHO DESIGN, in 2008. Mr. Grou has successfully integrated his knowledge and experience within the veterinary field, making a major contribution to the development of this little-known treatment option for the benefit of animal welfare.

Réjean Grou ( D.T.O.P., B.Sc. )

Owner and Founder


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