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The carpal orthosis supports, maintains, controls, stabilizes and protects the wrist. Thus, the orthosis can provide complete immobilization of the joint, free movement or a controlled range of motion, that is limiting flexion and/or extension. The device also realigns and maintains the wrist in a functional and adequate position, thus helping the animal to regain a more normal locomotion. If required, in some cases, the carpal orthosis can be extended to cover the paw-phalanges, providing, among other things, protection and realignment.

Recommended for the following cases:

Example of a frequently observed case: Hyperextension of the carpal due to a ligament injury

A frequently observed injury in dogs, the causes are often traumatic, such as a fall or a jump from a significant height. Clinical signs of a ligament injury include limping, hyperextension of the carpus, lateral instability, swelling and dislocation (displacement of the bones) of the carpus, which can cause pain and limit joint movement.
An orthosis can be considered an excellent alternative when surgery is not an option. The type and design of the orthosis, such as the extension of the device under the paw-phalanges, the desired range of motion, etc. will be influenced by the severity of the injury.
Orthosis designed and manufactured by ORTHO DESIGN in interprofessional collaboration with veterinary specialists
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