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Spinal orthotic devices are designed to protect and stabilize the spine and can be recommended following surgery to control the excessive range of motion of the back. Also provides back support if surgery is not an option.

Recommended in the following cases:

Example of a frequently observed pathology: The herniated disc

The spine is composed of a set of vertebrae connected together and separated by intervertebral discs (cushions).
A herniated disc (Hansen type I, Hansen type II and type III) occurs when the material of the intervertebral disc penetrates and compresses the spinal cord causing discomfort, pain and may result in partial or total loss of motor skills in the limbs.
The herniated disc is actually a deterioration of the intervertebral discs. A pathology commonly observed in the senior dog, it can therefore be a normal occurrence.
This disease is mainly observed in small breed dogs such as the Dachshund, French Bulldog, Beagle, Basset Hound, Bichon but can also be found in Dobermanns, Labradors, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds.


This back support stabilizes the back while providing flexibility. Designed with breathable material for comfort. The brace is mainly used for InterVertabral Disc Disease (IVDD) , which can cause herniated discs, as well as Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).
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