Orthotic-prosthetic clinic specialized exclusively for animals


" The orthosis is of the highest quality. Very easy to install and my dog adapted immediately. The orthosis makes walking more pleasant and solidifies my dog's leg, with less risk of worsening the injury. "
Ms. Dixon (knee orthosis)
''Great service, great explanations as well. I highly recommend.''
Mr. Lannuzzi (knee orthosis)
''Thank you to ORTHO DESIGN for giving our Labrador Merlin a new quality of life'' following partial rupture of the knee ligament. As the operation was too expensive and required a long recovery time, we opted for the orthosis. In three weeks, we noticed a significant improvement. Merlin was able to resume short walks with his leash. With his orthosis we’re reassured he won’t aggravate his injury. Merlin has adapted very well to his orthosis. It is very easy to install, and the Velcro system is fantastic. Thank you again, I recommend Mr. Grou and ORTHO DESIGN, no problems just positive points.''
Ms. Chalifoux (knee orthosis)
''Hello, I would like to thank your team and Mr. Grou, our dog Max has regained the joy of walking and we are following the guidelines provided by your team and we’re seeing good progress. I’d say that Max has regained 80% of his limb capacity in just one month. I cannot express in words how grateful we are, keep up the good work.''
Ms. Lespérance (knee orthosis)
''Since Megane has had her orthosis, she hasn’t taken any anti-inflammatories, she takes longer walks, she can play with our other dog, and she runs on her limb. When exercising is over and the brace is removed, she walks on her limb without limping. When we hold the brace in our hands, she sits up and lies down with no problem. We are very happy to have discovered you and we have told our friends and family, as well as our veterinarian, about the great improvement in her health. We hope that this will bring you new clients.''
Ms. Sarazin (knee orthosis)
''I’d like to thank you for offering this alternative, it’s much appreciated. I’d also like to say that you make a great team, you are kind, available and I felt during our meetings that you were listening and working to find solutions. Maestro has adapted very well to his orthosis, he walks, trots, runs, jumps, goes up and down stairs with his knee brace. Thank you once again.''
Ms. Pelletier (knee orthosis)
''Due to a torn cruciate ligament, my dog has been using the orthosis you made for his left limb for a month now. After a week, he was wearing the brace all day and got used to it very easily. Even my neighbor noticed that my dog was no longer limping and that he was back to his old, playful self. We would like to thank you for your professional work. There are many pet owners who can't afford a $3500 operation, who would therefore benefit from knowing you. I’ve gone to show the orthotic to my veterinarian because he wasn’t aware of this option. Thank you very much.''
Mr. Meunier (knee orthosis)
''I am writing to thank you for the orthotic that you made for Rocky. My dog was hit by a car and subsequently lost mobility in his left forelimb. Since he’s had his orthosis, he walks almost as he did before the accident, much to the delight of the entire family. He is currently regaining more and more sensitivity in his paw, so all the better if it comes back completely one day, but for now it's his brace that is supporting him almost entirely (because since the accident, he wasn't using his injured limb at all, and it was gradually atrophying). If you wish, you can use our testimonial to convince anyone that your orthoses work and that your services are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.''
Guglia family (carpus-phalanges orthosis)
''I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the made to measure orthosis you made for my dog Veenook. She is happy to wear it for walks, and she even re-built the muscles in her thigh that she had lost following a cruciate ligament surgery in her right hind limb. With her left limb supported by the orthosis, she can walk, and has regained good hip balance. Orthotics for Achilles tendon tears are a great alternative to painful surgery, the outcome of which is sometimes uncertain. Thank you, ORTHO DESIGN!''
Ms. Augustin (tarsal orthosis)
''I’m really satisfied with the well-being my dog receives from the orthosis. From the very first fitting, he walked perfectly with the brace. For the past year, it has been impossible to take walks lasting more than 15 minutes. Now we walk at least 30 minutes a day and he can even run. My dog got used to the brace very easily, I was really surprised. Now he knows, that before putting on his leash, we put on his brace and it's easy to install. I'm at a loss for words at how much I love the results and I do not regret buying the brace at all. It is a great investment. Thank you for helping my dog to be comfortable.''
Ms. Poirier (knee orthosis)
''We bought a brace for our dog; she is a 4-year-old giant schnauzer. She tore the cruciate ligaments in her left knee, and she couldn't take any more walks, and using the stairs was very painful for her. Since she has her orthosis, we've got our old dog back. We take walks, she plays and when she sees us taking the orthosis, she gets very excited. Thank you for allowing our dog to be a dog and to have fun again.''
Ms. Pelneault (knee orthosis)
''Thanks to ORTHO DESIGN, Tobi's quality of life has improved without the need for an expensive surgery, a long recovery, with no guarantee of success. Faced with Tobi's injury and disability, ORTHO DESIGN has been able to provide innovative solutions and excellent service.''
Mr. Robitailles (knee and hip orthosis)
''I would like to thank you for giving my dog such a wonderful quality of life in her last years. Thank you Réjean for taking the time to explain so clearly how the orthosis works. Thank you for answering all my questions without rushing us and thank you for your calm and helpful advice! You are passionate people, thank you for respecting my dog!''
Ms. Beaudry (knee orthosis)
''With her orthopedic harness, going out is no longer a nightmare!''
Ms. Landry (orthopedic harness)
''We really want to thank you for developing orthotics that enable dogs like Baloo to continue their active lives without a costly surgery and a long convalescence. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.''
Ms. Bernier (knee orthosis)
''I am very satisfied with the brace, and I think it's a good alternative to certain surgical procedures. Thank you for your help.''
Ms Kokx (knee orthosis)
''Mr Grou did an excellent job assembling and adjusting Nile's wheelchair. Thank you for being patient and competent.'''
Mr. Hanek (wheelchair for dog)
''Thank you so much for helping four-legged animals and keeping life comfortable.''
Ms. Blanchette (knee orthosis)
''I would like to thank ORTHO DESIGN for the orthosis they made for my dog Buffy. Just watching her run with my other dog or just run and walk for fun, you can tell she’s in heaven. Many thanks ORTHO DESIGN.''
Ms. Kocan (knee orthosis)
''Thank you! It was truly beneficial for our dog, she can now run, walk and play. We don't worry anymore! It was worth a try.''
Ms. Blais (shoulder stabilizer)
''I would like to thank Réjean for being so kind and patient while designing the orthotics for Cooper. If only we, the humans could be treated so well! The service I received was both prompt and professional. I think Cooper might even come to enjoy wearing his cool designed orthotics.''
Ms Rezek (carpal-phalanges orthotics)
''I want to thank you again for saving my Chanel! Since she received her orthosis, she goes for beautiful walks, she is cheerful and has enjoyed the snow. Truly, the brace has changed her life since her injury, and a little of ours too...I’m constantly praising the merits of Chanel’s orthosis and people see it when they look at it. The whole family was trained to be able to install her orthosis.''
Ms. Beauchemin (knee orthosis)
''I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how our little dog Elgin is doing with his new wheels. It has been a few weeks since he got his wheelchair, and it has made a huge difference! Elgin is playing, walking and getting around really well again. He is also a superstar when we go out for walks in the neighbourhood. People love to stop and chat, and we’ve passed your information on too many people! Thank you once again for helping Elgin! This wheelchair has made all the difference for him!''
Ms Hales (wheelchair for dog)
"I wanted to share my feedback with you; it's amazing! We’re able to go for walks together like we used to, and her morale has returned! The adaptation process was quick. I wanted to thank you for offering this product; you have truly helped my beautiful Zia get through this injury and live happily for the last few years. I also appreciated the fact that you work in collaboration with veterinarians from other clinics, to help people in the regions who can't travel to Montreal. Very good product and service! I will not hesitate to recommend you! Good luck with your business!''
Ms. Jackson (knee orthosis)
''I would like to thank Mr. Grou and his team for this wonderful alternative, my dog has regained a quality of life he could never have had, since we could not afford to have him operated on (too expensive).''
Ms. Matte (knee orthosis)
''We were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of his orthosis. Whereas a simple run would cause him to limp for a few days, since using his orthosis, he no longer seems to have any pain. This weekend, we had the opportunity to walk to the top of Mount Echo (Lac-Beauport) without any problem. We wanted to express our appreciation for your services.''
Ms. Beauséjour (knee orhosis)
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